DEMO Micro Mini 2019/20

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Demo Snowboards are boards that have been used. This board has been ridden between 2-20 times. There is no structural damage to this snowboard, but there is minor wear from being ridden. If you are buying this snowboard you are acknowledging you are buying a used snowboard- not a new snowboard. There is no warranty policy for this board. There are no returns or exchanges on any DEMO boards or bindings from C3. We can not send you photos of the board, so if you don't feel comfortable buying this used board and not being able to return or exchange it- then you should not buy this board. BUT if you realize you are buying a slightly used board, that works just fine, for a really good deal- then you should buy this board!

The Micro Mini is the perfect board for kids getting their first experiences in the snowboarding game. It features a unique convex shape with edges that are raised off the snow, so smaller riders (and their parents) won’t have to worry about catching an edge—keeping kids stoked and progressing for years to come. For 2019 the Micro Mini has been upgraded with a new XXX[TRUDED]™ base, while the MICRO-GLASS kid's construction on the Micro Mini makes for a uniquely lightweight board with a flex relative to small rider weights. This important configuration detail allows for the most ideal turning—and learning—experiences. 


Rider Type:
Snowboard Rider Type
Snowboard Flex
Camber Type:

Rockered and beveled for catch free riding.

Snowboard Camber
Snowboard Crosscut />

Length Effective
Waist Nose/Tail Sidecut Max Stance
Suggested Weight
95 66.20 20.40 23.20 / 23.20 4.10 40.00 / 15.70 40-55 / 18-25
105 74.60 21.30 24.40 / 24.40 4.70 40.00 / 15.70 45-60 / 20-27
115 83.00 22.10 25.50 / 25.50 5.30 42.00 / 16.50 50-60 / 23-29
  • Our Take: The time has come, GROMS, unite and rejoice!  Also parents should be stoked too with the release of CAPiTA’s first board built specifically for the little ripper who just learned how to walk!  Available in sizes to accommodate mom and dad’s little helper on the hill the Micro Mini boasts a convex shape that raises the edges off of the snow so lil ripper doesn’t hang up his or her edges while learning how to shred!  Light weight, soft flexing and FUN, the Micro Mini ushers in a new age of progression.
  • Rider Profile: Young kids who need a small board to learn to turn!  Built for kids, by grown-ups that act like kids
  • Recommended Bindings: UNION Cadet XS or UNION Cadet (depending on how big your youngster’s hooves are)
  • Recommended Boot Size: Youth 5 and Under