Indoor Survival Flat Kick

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Indoor Survival with Flat Kick? Yes, we have a few Indoor Survivals re-released with Flat Kick camber configuration. Besides the camber profile, everything is the same as the traditional camber Indoor Survival available in-line. We only have a few of these in select sizes. 

The Indoor Survival is the most versatile board in our collection and is loved by a wide range of riders. Due to the elevated contact points and mild rocker, these boards turn so easily that beginner and intermediate riders find them very forgiving and natural to ride. Those same attributes allow the Indoor Survival to effortlessly float in powder for riders in a mountain environment, while some of the best rail riders in the world love to take this board to the streets. Usually, that would describe three different riders and three different boards, but the Indoor Survival can do it all. No wonder the Transworld Good Wood Award winning Indoor Survival is a CAPiTA classic. 


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These versatile boards feature a dual reverse camber Flat Kick freestyle shape. A zero camber section throughout the insert area provides a stable skate-style feel, while elevated contact points turn on a time and float effortlessly in powder.

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Length Effective
Waist Nose/Tail Sidecut Max Stance
150 112.80 24.20 28.50 / 28.50 7.70 58.40 / 23.00
152 113.25 24.30 28.61 / 28.61 7.73 60.90 / 24.00
154 115.47 24.78 29.18 / 29.18 7.90 60.90 / 24.00
156 116.95 25.10 29.55 / 29.55 7.96 63.50 / 25.00
158 118.12 25.34 29.84 / 29.84 8.06 67.50 / 26.60
160 119.40 25.65 30.23 / 30.23 8.08 67.50 / 26.60
  • Our Take: It’s not often that you find an all-mountain reverse camber board as versatile as the Indoor Survival. With a flat-dominant reverse camber profile (flat from insert pack to insert pack) all the control and precision of Camber stays under foot while the added float and ease of turn initiation found in reverse camber boards is present in the tip and tail. Super snappy and fun off jumps, excellent float and power in deep snow and great edge hold on groomed terrain make this board a killer choice for someone who wants one board that can do it all OR a more freestyle focused powder board for the quiver. This board historically is also a great choice for women who charge big terrain or need a longer powder board because of its narrower waist width.
  • Rider Profile: All-Mountain Freestyle rider who spends his/her day spinning off wind lips, launching cliffs switch and using every fallen tree in his/her path as a pole jam. A rider who wants a freestyle/park board that can ride the whole mountain with ease. A woman who needs something more supportive than what a lot of women’s boards provide.
  • Recommended Bindings: UNION Atlas, Contact PRO, Force, Contact, STR. Check these bindings out to see which works best for YOU.
  • Recommended Boot Size: 11 and under