Spring Break Slush Slasher 2019/20

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The Slush Slasher is the playful mini-park and powder ripper that changed the game. This innovative short-board rails turns on the groomers, transition, and in the park—it’s as fun on jibs as it is in the deep stuff. This board is sure to change your perspective on any terrain and put a smile on even the grumpiest of skeptics. Developed as the antithesis to serious snowboarding, the Spring Break Lightning Palm graphic will cure any tropical depression you might be experiencing. In addition to an upgraded SuperDrive™ EX base and a low retail price, the Slush Slashers are sure to stand out in a crowd preventing a lost board in your haze of never-ending good times! The elongated nose plows over anything in its path while the V-shaped Vacation Tail lets you put these snow sharks on cruise control. With the Slush Slasher, the world is your seven-day weekend.


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The PARTY PROFILE features an easy to ride zero camber midsection with a kinked flat kick nose and a chilled out mellow tail.  This allows the nose to rise above slush, pow, or chunder as you lay care-free carves on your way down the hill.

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Length Effective
Waist Nose/Tail Sidecut Taper Max Stance
Suggested Weight
NEW! 139 103.00 28.00 31.90 / 29.30 2.65 11.58 56.00 / 22.00 90-160 / 40-72
143 107.00 28.20 32.20 / 29.50 2.65 12.44 57.00 / 22.40 110-170 / 50-77
147 111.00 28.40 32.40 / 29.70 2.65 13.32 58.00 / 22.80 130-180 / 59-82
151 115.00 28.60 32.60 / 29.90 2.65 14.22 59.00 / 23.20 150-200+ / 67-91+
  • Our Take: The antithesis of serious snowboarding, the Slush Slasher. If you have a chance to ride this board, seriously, it will change the way you think a snowboard should ride. Take everything you have been told about how to size a board and put it in a large cannon and shoot it across the galaxy. Because this board is the definition of unique. It's wider so it can float through the pow like an angel in the clouds. Soft flexing so it rides super smooth through the spring slush or glide on the groomers. Also, with almost no chance of any toe drag, you can euro-carve all the way to the bar. It's short, fat and awkward looking but still sexy as hell.
  • Rider Profile: If you are looking for something fun and unique to carve all over the mountain. It’s a great board to add to the quiver and ride more than you expect. This would also be a great pow board for smaller riders, looking for tons of float, without sizing up to something extreme.
  • Recommended Bindings: We recommend keeping the bindings soft and surfy. The Contact or the Contact Pro are going to let this board be all it can be while keeping you comfortable.
  • Recommended Boot Size: Literally, any size will work!