Jonathan Koch

Mid-Atlantic Rider

Jon Koch


      Date of Birth:  December 29, 1993


      Home Mountain:  Big Boulder Park


      Favorite Mountain:  Big Boulder Park


      Stance:  Regular


      Years Snowboarding:  10


      Sponsors:  CAPiTA Snowboards, Union Bindings, ThirtyTwo Boots, Coal Headwear, Dang Shades, Gnarly Clothing, Out of Bounds boardshop

Jon Koch

      Favorite Trick:  Backside Nosepress


      Favorite Board:  Outsiders


     Favorite Bindings:  Team


      Strange habits or quirks:  I sneeze very loudly


      Favorite activity outside of snowboarding:  Skateboarding and taking photos


      If you could bring back any trend, what would it be?  I'm always bringing back trends, I wouldn't want to give anything away


      Favorite conspiracy theory: Early 90's hip hop and the prison industry sat behind closed doors and ensured a crime ridden industry promising thousands of incarcerations by promoting violence through music, basically brainwashing people into thinking the "rap game" is the only way out of the hood. Continuing through today.


Jon Koch