DEMO Children Of The Gnar 2019/20

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Demo Snowboards are boards that have been used. This board has been ridden between 2-20 times. There is no structural damage to this snowboard, but there is minor wear from being ridden. If you are buying this snowboard you are acknowledging you are buying a used snowboard- not a new snowboard. There is no warranty policy for this board. There are no returns or exchanges on any DEMO boards or bindings from C3. We can not send you photos of the board, so if you don’t feel comfortable buying this used board and not being able to return or exchange it- then you should not buy this board. BUT if you realize you are buying a slightly used board, that works just fine, for a really good deal- then you should buy this board!

Designed as a “tween-age” destroyer, these boards form a bridge between the boys and the men. It’s here where the kids start riding better than their parents if that hasn’t happened already. Inspired by the award-winning DOA series, the Children of the Gnar features a next-generation hybrid camber design that delivers the pop and response of a camber board with the predictability of reverse camber. New for 2019, the Gnar boasts an upgraded XXX[TRUDED]™ base. Although this series is very forgiving and promotes skill building, it is no toy. The Children of the Gnar is the go anywhere, do anything freestyle deck for young shredders during those in-between years. 


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Our RESORT V1 Profile boards take full advantage of the benefits of traditional camber, zero camber, and reverse camber. This next generation design allows you to get the pop and response of a cambered board with all the predictability and easy turn initiation of zero camber or reverse camber shapes.

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Length Effective
Waist Nose/Tail Sidecut Max Stance
Suggested Weight
137  100.00 23.80 28.00 / 28.00 6.30 50.60 / 19.90 70-100 / 32-45
141  103.50 24.10 28.30 / 28.30 6.70 56.00 / 22.10 80-110 / 36-50
145  107.00 24.40 28.70 / 28.70 7.10 58.30 / 23.00 90-130 / 41-59
149 110.50 24.70 29.00 /29.00 7.50 60.10 / 23.70 100-140 / 45-64
  • Our Take: Children on the Gnar is for your youngster who is way too good for a typical youth board. With this board being built off our award-winning Defenders of Awesome, it’s made for little rippers. It’s a great all around board for all conditions and everything you throw at it. This board can handle the rails, kickers, groomers and that sweet sweet pow. So, if you are a grom who is killing it more than most, this is the board you need.
  • Rider Profile: Kids too big and good for a youth board and too lightweight for a regular snowboard. Perfect in-between board, for your in-between rider.
  • Recommended Bindings: Pair this board with the Union Cadets, Flite Pros or for a real aggressive ride grab the Force in Small.
  • Recommended Boot Size: 9 and under