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Take advantage of steep discounts on slightly used Union demo bindings. These boards have all been used but not abused. We appreciate you giving these bindings a good home! 

We use a 1-10 rating system for all bindings. As the number decreases the quality of the board and price decrease. Below is a quick reference guide for our binding grade system. 

10/10: Brand new or perfect condition.

9/10: Have little or no signs of wear but are in near perfect condition.

8/10: Shows some signs of use but are in great condition.

7/10: Are in good condition, and function 100% as intended.

6/10: Shows a considerable amount of use.

5/10: Usable, but show more than average wear. 

We do not sell items rated less than 5/10.

We do not accept returns for demo products!

The Defenders of Awesome series has a big reputation and these boards have earned it. As winners of the most coveted design award in snowboarding five years in a row, this highly sought after series has won a Transworld Good Wood Award every single year of its existence. Truly undefeated, the DOA is one of the best in the game and has the accolades to prove it. It may not be necessary to spend our time trying to improve perfection, but at The Mothership there’s no time for sleep. The Š— Defenders of Awesome series features a next-generation hybrid-camber design which delivers the pop and response of a cambered board with the predictability of reverse-camber. With an all-new fiberglass and resin configuration, as well as an upgraded Superdrive™ base material, the ultimate go anywhere, do anything freestyle deck just got even better. 


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Our Hybrid Camber Profile boards take full advantage of the benefits of traditional camber, zero camber, and reverse camber. This next generation design allows you to get the pop and response of a cambered board with all the predictability and easy turn initiation of zero camber or reverse camber shapes.

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Length Effective
Waist Nose/Tail Sidecut Max Stance
148 111.10 24.40 28.71 / 28.71 7.60 61.30 / 24.10
150 112.60 24.60 29.98 / 29.98 7.70 61.30 / 24.10
152 114.20 24.80 29.24 / 29.24 7.80 63.88 / 25.10
154 115.80 25.00 29.50 / 29.50 7.90 63.88 / 25.10
156 117.40 25.20 29.77 / 29.77 8.00 63.88 / 25.10
158 119.00 25.40 30.03 / 30.03 8.10 66.42 / 26.10
160 120.60 25.70 30.40 / 30.40 8.20 66.42 / 26.10
155 W 116.60 25.80 30.15 / 30.15 8.10 63.88 / 25.10
158 W 119.00 26.00 30.54 / 30.54 8.20 66.42 / 26.10
161 W 121.40 26.20 30.90 / 30.90 8.30 66.42 / 26.10
  • Our Take: Defending Awesome since 2011 the DOA returns as one of the most versatile boards in our line-up, and coming in at 420 bucks makes it a must have for anyone who rides everywhere from the rope tow to the rock garden. Camber is king and is the most effective camber profile for holding an edge, cracking ollies and simply destroying everything in its path. The blended contact points make this board super easy to ride since it makes it harder to catch an edge, making this board exceptional at spinning off lips and technical rail tricks. This is the most popular board in our line amongst our AM team and REP riders because of its versatility, as well as our PRO riders like Dustin Craven and Kevin Backstrom who take this thing everywhere from the slushy summer slopes of Mt. Hood to the nipple deep powder of the Japanese Backcountry.
  • Rider Profile: Someone looking for a quiver killer, a do-it-all board that can ride any terrain you put in front of it. A rider who values the ease of progression and wants something inexpensive that will fuel his progression in freestyle snowboarding. Someone who wants an all-mountain board that is easy to ride but will support any level of snowboarding a human can possibly achieve.
  • Recommended Bindings: UNION Atlas, Contact PRO, Force, Contact, STR. Check these bindings out to see which works best for YOU.
  • Recommended Boot Size: 12 and under