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Take advantage of steep discounts on slightly used Capita demo boards. These boards have been used but not abused. We wouldn't sell you a board that isn't worthy- so you can expect that these demo's have some signs of wear but function 100% correctly and overall are in "good condition".  We appreciate you giving these boards a good home!  

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One of the most decorated snowboarders of this decade, Jess Kimura has swept the Transworld Snowboarding Rider’s Poll Awards multiple times. Jess has made her mark not only on women’s snowboarding but on snowboarding itself. Her fan base crosses genders and is comprised of riders from all spectrums of the sport who appreciate her gritty, sincere and hell-bent approach. As Jess is spending more time in the mountains to compliment the time she spends in the streets, we have made a key adjustment on her model to reflect the evolution in her riding. We took her existing model and rockered the nose so that it's pre-pressed for jibbing, turns on a dime, and floats in powder with ease. This simple tweak has a big effect on its overall versatility and is an evolution that fuels her passion and your progression.

Rider Type:
Snowboard Rider Type
Snowboard Flex
Camber Type:

Our Hybrid Camber Profile boards take full advantage of the benefits of traditional camber, zero camber, and reverse camber. This next generation design allows you to get the pop and response of a cambered board with all the predictability and easy turn initiation of zero camber or reverse camber shapes.

Snowboard Camber
Snowboard Additives

Snowboard Crosscut
Length Effective
Waist Nose/Tail Sidecut Max Stance
Suggested Weight
(Lbs / Kg)
138 103.40 22.30 26.71 / 26.71 6.40 56.01 / 22.00 80-130 / 36-59
142 106.20 22.90 27.31 / 27.31 6.80 56.01 / 22.00 90-140 / 41-64
146 109.40 23.50 27.92 / 27.92 7.20 58.29 / 22.90 100-150 / 45-68
150 112.40 24.10 28.50 / 28.50 7.60 60.00 / 23.50 110-170 / 50-77
  • Our Take: Affectionately given the pet name “The White Snowboard of Life” by Jess, this beloved pro model has stepped into the next stage of its evolution.  Just as Jess has grown out of the streets and into the realm of big mountain riding, so to has her snowboard been redesigned to support her riding in the backcountry.  All new camber profile for 18/19 is a directional, hybrid camber based off of our flagship model the Black Snowboard of Death and is designed to tackle the entire mountain powerfully and confidently.  If power, precision, and float are qualities that you look for in a snowboard, look no further, Jess’ pro model is an all mountain destroyer that will fuel your progression 
  • Rider Profile: The powerful rider who focuses primarily on powder, deep turns, banked slaloms, and powerful edge control.  Built for a woman who spends most of her time in the side country riding on her own terms
  • Recommended Bindings: UNION Legacy or UNION Trilogy.  Both are performance focused binders designed with comfort and precision in mind.  Either binder would mount up well to the Jess Pro
  • Recommended Boot Size: Women’s 10 and under