DEMO Spring Break Powder 2019/20

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Demo Snowboards are boards that have been used. This board has been ridden between 2-20 times. There is no structural damage to this snowboard, but there is minor wear from being ridden. If you are buying this snowboard you are acknowledging you are buying a used snowboard- not a new snowboard. There is no warranty policy for this board. There are no returns or exchanges on any DEMO boards or bindings from C3. We can not send you photos of the board, so if you don’t feel comfortable buying this used board and not being able to return or exchange it- then you should not buy this board. BUT if you realize you are buying a slightly used board, that works just fine, for a really good deal- then you should buy this board!

With a soulful trip to the early days of snowboarding, CAPiTA and Spring Break present a line of hand-made Ultralight Powder Displacement Snowcrafts. Conceptualized by Corey Smith and designed by CAPiTA, this series embodies the heart of Corey's garage built, oversized, plywood decks—but have been created using the technology available in the best factory in the world. A thicker, more buoyant, ultra-lightweight Surflite 2.0 Core™ combined with a Surf Rocker camber profile and wide shouldered shapes all work together to create a zero-gravity floatation on top of the deepest pow. Packed with technology like Forged Carbon Quad Packs, Holysheet™ TRI/TRI fiberglass, and FUS3D™ sidewalls, we have managed to minimize weight and maximize performance in these oversized frames. Winner of the 2018 ISPO Product of the Year, these Spring Break Ultralight Powder Displacement Snowcrafts will take you one step closer in the search for the perfect wave. 


Rider Type:
Snowboard Rider Type


Snowboard Flex
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The SURF ROCKER features a continuous arching tip and tail inspired by the modern design of many of today’s best surfboardsflat through the inserts with smooth arching tip and tails. The gentle low angle allows for maximum float and control.

Snowboard Camber
Snowboard Additives

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Length Effective
Waist Nose/Tail Taper Sidecut Max Stance
Suggested Weight
151  111.40 26.50 31.50 / 30.50 1.00 6.38 63.90 / 25.10 120-170 / 54-77
154  107.30 27.20 32.60 / 29.40 3.20 6.80 62.60 / 24.60 120-170 / 54-77
158  94.90 26.90 31.50 / 27.80 3.70 6.90 63.90 / 25.10 140-200+ / 64-91+
161  121.50 27.44 33.60 / 29.50 4.15 6.60 63.90 / 25.20 150-220+ / 67-91+
167 126.20 29.20 34.50 / 28.70 5.81 6.50 63.50 / 25.00 160-220+ / 73-100+
  • Our Take: From Cory Smith, one of the most creative minds to ever look at a snowboard, comes the Spring Break line. In the early days, people would ride pow with surfboards. Cory is bringing that feeling back without having to lug a longboard up a mountain. These pow boards are made to turn the hill into an ocean. So, surf the hill with one of these beauties. Big, wide and lightweight for your backcountry adventures. Grab either the Mini Treehunter for a small easy maneuverable board, or pick up the Night Hawk for a big wide Cadillac of a pow board.
  • Rider Profile: Anyone who loves POW and likes to keep their feet on the ground.
  • Recommended Bindings: So many Union bindings to toss on these beautiful boards. Top bindings would be the Union Force, Atlas and of course the Falcor.
  • Recommended Boot Size: 14 and under