Thunderstick 2015/16

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When it comes to soft-flexing, super poppy cambered snowboards, the CAPiTA Thunderstick is your weapon of choice. The lightweight, bombproof construction features cut-down tip and tail shapes for reduced swing weight, a new FSC® Certified Dual Core, upgraded Special Blend™ fiberglass combined with low-temperature Magic Bean™ Resin, and a newly formulated sidewall material. New Age camber, which increases control and predictability with small zero-camber sections at the contact points, allows you to pop in and out of any feature with confidence while going bigger and faster than all your friends. 


Rider Type:
Snowboard Rider Type
Snowboard Flex
Camber Type:

This freestyle camber configuration zeros out a traditional camber approach 4cm before the end of the sidecut. The small zero camber sections provide a more controlled ride while retaining the response and power of a cambered board.

Snowboard Camber

Length Effective
Waist Nose/Tail Sidecut Max Stance
149 1119.30 24.70 29.10 / 29.10 7.70 61.30 / 24.10
151 120.90 24.90 29.30 / 29.30 7.80 61.34 / 24.10
153 122.50 25.10 29.60 / 29.60 7.90 63.90 / 25.20
155 124.10 25.30 29.90 / 29.90 8.00 63.90 / 25.20
157 125.70 25.50 30.10 / 30.10 8.10 66.40 / 26.10
  • Our Take: The Cambered step-brother of the Horrorscope, the Thunderstick is a rail-locking, jump-stomping freestyle machine. Built for the terrain park, jersey booters and resort riding, the Thunderstick is great for anyone from an expert park rider to a beginner looking for a quality board that will be fun and easy to ride but will progress with him as far as he is willing to go. Traditional camber with blended contact points make this a catch free ride with super easy turn initiation. That, combined with the pop and response of camber, make this board an excellent choice for any rider focused on Park Progression.
  • Rider Profile: Powerful park rider who wants a soft board loaded with the response and pop of a cambered board. A beginner snowboarder who wants a quality snowboard that will make his first front three Indy-Nosebone as easy to learn as his first linked turns.
  • Recommended Bindings: UNION Contact PRO, Contact, STR, Flite PRO. Check these bindings out to see which works best for YOU.
  • Recommended Boot Size: 12 and under