Travis Henderson

Travis Henderson


      Date of Birth:  April 18, 1995


      Home Mountain:  Mountain Creek


      Favorite Mountain:  Big Boulder Park


      Stance:  Regular, 21 inch with 9, -9


      Years Snowboarding:  14


      Sponsors:  CAPiTA Snowboards, Union Bindings, ThirtyTwo Boots, Coal Headwear, Crab Grab, Gnarly Clothing


      Favorite Trick:  Cant beat a classic method


      Favorite Board:  Thunderstick for sure!


     Favorite Bindings:  Force


      Strange habits or quirks:  Talking to my dogs like they know what I'm saying


      Favorite activity outside of snowboarding:  Taking the pontoon boat out on the lake with the homies


      If you could bring back any trend, what would it be?  Not much so a trend, but more people wearing helmets protecting their dome piece! 


      Favorite conspiracy theory:  Chemtrails



Travis Henderson

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