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Who is eligible for Pro-Purchase discounts?
Pro-purchases are reserved for employees of C3 retail partners, i.e. brick and mortar shops.  If you're interested in a pro-form and you work for a shop, ask your manager about how to obtain a pro-form. 
How is my order shipped?
All orders are shipped via FedEx. Smaller items like beanies, parts, and soft goods ship in Express packs. Express packs, once shipped, only take three days to get to you. All other orders are shipped Ground. Check out our shipping map here.
What size snowboard should I get?
The best thing to do if you don’t know what size board you ride is to go to your local snowboard shop, which you can find on our dealer locator here. If you can’t get to a shop, use this info to help influence your choice. The most important component to the size of the board is the rider’s weight. Your snowboard doesn’t know how tall you are, just how much you weigh, and although height is important in gauging the length of your board, weight is the most crucial. For instance, if you are 5’10” 175 pounds, a good size would be 154 for freestyle, 156 for all-mountain, and 158 for powder. If you weigh less or more you would adjust the length of the board respectively. We’re here to help you with this decision. If you don’t have a retailer in your neck of the woods, please give us a call (206-717-2369) and our experienced Customer Service team will help find the right size board for YOU.
Should I get a wide snowboard?
Generally, a wide board is only NECESSARY if your boot is over a size twelve. In some cases, a wide board is helpful, for instance floating in powder and jibbing rails, but this is a personal preference and entirely up to the rider’s personal style.
What size bindings should I get?
The best thing to do is bring your boot into an authorized UNION dealer and check the size of the binding with your boot. Older boots fit larger than most modern boots and each brand is totally different, so we can only offer a general size chart. The safe choice, if you don’t have access to a dealer, is as follows: MENS - Small 5.5 thru 7 - Medium 7.5 thru 10 - Large 10.5 thru 14 EXPEDITION - Medium 7.5 thru 10 - Large 10 thru 14. If you go below a 10 the toe box of your boot may push against the top sheet of your board and interfere with your stride WOMENS - Small 4 thru 5.5 - Medium 6 thru 8.5 - Large 8 thru 11
What should I do if I think I have a warranty claim?
CAPiTA: Go to https://www.capitasnowboarding.com/warranty-request-form and submit a warranty claim. Please include photos that accurately display what is wrong with your board. We pride ourselves on our rapid response time and will be in touch with you no more than 24 hours after your submission with a proposed solution. NOTE: Warranty does NOT cover impacts related to park riding, rails, rider error (i.e. overshooting jumps, smashing into rocks, trees, damage from cheese grater, pavement, concrete etc…) The warranty is in place to protect YOU, the rider, against manufacturing defects. Impacts and breaks can occur on the mountain, snowboarding is a dangerous activity that can result in injury and in some cases, death. (Read the back of a lift ticket!) This applies to your snowboard as well.
UNION: Go to https://www.unionbindingcompany.com/warranty/application and submit a claim to our warranty department. Our policy is to replace the broken parts on your binding, not the entire binding. Please make sure all of your information is accurate, so we may most effectively get you back up and running quickly. We don't want you to miss out on important days on-hill. We will be in touch with you no more than 24 hours after your submission with a solution. NOTE: Bindings are covered up to 1 year from date of purchase. If we do not have the exact color to match your bindings, we will default to black for replacement parts.
Why was my warranty denied?
If your warranty was denied, the denial should have been accompanied by an email explaining the particulars as to why. Generally, if a warranty was denied it was either not within the allowed time period for warranty (CAPiTA is 2 years from date of purchase, UNION is 1 year from date of purchase), or it was the result of an impact from a rail, rock, tree or other external object and is not covered under warranty if it is damaged in this way. If there are any questions as to why your warranty was denied please email our warranty team at warranty@c3ww.com for a more detailed explanation.
Where can I get binding parts?
If you need replacement binding parts, we have a web store that you can access for almost any necessary replacement parts. Go to https://www.c3-shop.com/collections/union-parts.
How do I get sponsored?
Becoming sponsored is a lot easier said than done. We recommend that you start riding for your local snowboard shop. Once you’re ready, the shop will recommend you to one of our reps who will help elevate you to a regional level. In order to move up into AM status you must prove yourself first as a shoprider, then as a REP rider on a regional level. The most important thing to keep in mind, is that if you are riding at a level to become sponsored, then people will be talking about you, focusing on your riding and asking YOU to ride for THEM. The best thing to do is maintain a humble and positive attitude. Ride like your life depends on it, be awesome, and work your butt off for it. Hard work and dedication pays off, there isn’t a pro-rider out there that hasn’t worked his/herself to the bone to get to where they are today.
How do I mount my bindings to my snowboard?
Step 1: Buy your snowboarding gear at a local Snowboard Shop, where they can mount your bindings for you. Step 2: Refer to “Step 1”
How do I adjust my bindings to fit my boots?
If you buy the appropriately sized bindings for your boots, not much adjustment should be necessary. At most you might need to adjust your ankle and toe strap lengths to fit your boot, which is very easy to do. - Toe Strap: With your boot in the binding, simply remove the screw holding your toe strap in place. Slide the adjuster strap up and down until it lines up, so that the strap fits squarely over the toe of your boot. Return the screw to it's position - Ankle Strap: With your boot in the binding, simply remove the screw holding your ankle strap in place, slide the adjuster strap up and down, until it lines up, so that the strap fits squarely over the instep of your boot. Return the screw to its position.
Can I get free stickers?
No, but you’re more than welcome to buy Union Stickers here, or CAPiTA stickers here.
What is your return policy?
If you bought the item in the last 30 days and it’s still in brand new condition, we can absolutely take that return. We do not accept returns for demo products. If it’s outside of that 30-day window, or you used the item, unfortunately, we will not be able to accept that return.
Can I get a custom snowboard graphic?
Sorry! We don’t offer custom snowboard graphics.
Do I need to wax or tune my brand new snowboard?
In some cases, you definitely DO need to wax or tune your brand new snowboard. Here are a few examples of when to wax/tune your new, out of the wrapper CAPiTA snowboard. - Extreme temperatures: Our boards are factory waxed for MOST conditions. This means that for most “normal” winter temps our factory wax will perform best. If there are extreme temps to consider, i.e. you bought a board and it’s 30 below zero outside or temps are above 40 degrees, then you should wax to the conditions. - Rail kids: Our boards are factory de-tuned so that our contact points aren’t grabby out of the bag. If you have an edge preference that borders on, “I would prefer not to have an edge” than we would suggest detuning your edge to your own specification. - Racers: Our board's factory spec is 1 degree bevel. If you have a specific bevel that you personally prefer, we suggest tuning your edge to your desired spec.
How are demo boards used?
Demo boards are used at industry controlled on-snow demos. Usually our DEMO boards have seen approx. 3 days on hill ridden by buyers for snowboard shops to test out new tech and explore how new boards in the line ride, as well as existing models with tech updates. These boards are minimally ridden with virtually no abuse, however, they are stored, shipped, held in the elements and moved around a BUNCH. These boards may display signs of use including but not limited to scuffs, scrapes, dings, dents and other minor blemishes that are almost exclusively cosmetic.
Do you have past season boards and bindings?
Our mantra here at C3 is, “sell out, don’t close out” so the chances of a product sticking around for more than it’s current season is rare. However, there are always exceptions to the rule. From time to time we have products from previous seasons available to sell. Check out our available products at www.c3-shop.com
Can you ship outside of the United States?
We can only ship within the United States. If you live in Canada, please check out our Canadian store. https://canada.c3-shop.com/
What are your hours of operation?
Our customer service team is available Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm PST, excluding public US holidays.
Do I have to register my board?
You are not required to register your board, however, it is recommended. Having your product registered can assist us in expediting warranty claims if necessary.
Can I make Pro-Purchases for other people?
Absolutely not. Proform is for YOU and you alone. We offer this as a “thank you” to those of you who work tirelessly for the greater good of Snowboarding. Proform abuse will not be tolerated and is the quickest and easiest way to getting your Proform privileges revoked indefinitely.