Product discounts are offered to industry professionals who are employed by a CAPiTA, Union, and/or Coal partner.  Just because you work in the industry does not entitle you to this privilege, we are looking to hook up people who are constantly out in the field using our products, who will spread the word about our brands, and those who know the value our brands bring to this industry. 

Membership is by application, is not guaranteed, and can be revoked at any time. In return for this purchasing privilege, we hope this allows you to get on the snow more, enjoy the great outdoors, and spread the hype of CAPiTA, Union, and Coal.

If approved, we require that you will take the time to review your purchased gear on our website so that we can continue to evolve and develop better gear based on real-life feedback.  Our Pro Program runs September to February, and members must re-apply every season.
In order to be approved for the discount you will need to email us the following:
  1. A pay stub within the last 30 days indicating year-round employment (please black out all sensitive personal information). Be sure your employer name is legible as well as the pay date.
  2. Your current role at your company.
  3. When you started with the company.
Email all inquires to: