DEMO Warpspeed 2019/20

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Demo Snowboards are boards that have been used. This board has been ridden between 2-20 times. There is no structural damage to this snowboard, but there is minor wear from being ridden. If you are buying this snowboard you are acknowledging you are buying a used snowboard- not a new snowboard. There is no warranty policy for this board. There are no returns or exchanges on any DEMO boards or bindings from C3. We can not send you photos of the board, so if you don’t feel comfortable buying this used board and not being able to return or exchange it- then you should not buy this board. BUT if you realize you are buying a slightly used board, that works just fine, for a really good deal- then you should buy this board!

The Warpspeed integrates key shaping attributes from some of our most iconic series into a dedicated wide model. Built for the big guy that rides in a big way, these decks have a progressive sidecut and alpine camber profile that charges hard in a wide array of conditions. The construction has been enhanced for 2019 with a new FSC® Certified Hover Core™, Amplitex™ V-Tech Amplifiers, and a new Holysheet™ Fiberglass and Magic Bean™ resin combination. Our custom carbon formulated HyperDrive™ base features the factory-direct Moonshot Pro-Tune™ race base structure, supercharging an already fast and powerful board that carves hard, floats in powder, and is ready to manhandle any terrain.


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The ALPINE V2 profile design features mid-body camber with a flat tail and a reverse cambered nose. This allows for tons of pop and stability on hardpack while increasing float and landing power, improving the rider’s performance in deep snow. The camber runs longer in the tail on the WARPSPEED providing extra power for the larger riders drawn to a dedicated wide series.

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Length Effective
Waist Nose/Tail Sidecut Max Stance
Suggested Weight
157 118.50 26.20 30.60 / 30.60 8.30 / 7.78 63.50 / 25.00 150-210 / 68-95
161 121.70 26.40 30.80 / 30.80 8.46 / 7.93 67.50 / 26.60 160-220+ / 72-100+
165 124.90 26.60 31.00 / 31.00 8.70 / 8.15 69.00 / 27.10 165-225+ / 75-102+
169 128.10 26.80 31.20 / 31.20 8.93 / 8.37 69.00 / 27.10 170-230+ / 77-104+
  • Our Take: The Warpspeed is a unique board in our lineup in the sense that it was designed specifically for big riders with big cojones. Oh yeah, and feet, really big feet… Built as an evolution to a traditional, directional, cambered board this thing is stiff, powerful and designed to ride all conditions you can throw at it. Set it back and let her rip, this board is built with our most high-end components and is designed for speed, power and precision. From fresh corduroy to beat up hot powder at the end of a long day the Warpspeed is built to power through all of it while mitigating rider fatigue.
  • Rider Profile: Big guy, big feet, big style and big ability. Everything big. The Warpspeed’s captain should be a powerful rider who needs the power of a STIFF all-mountain board for shredding steep faces, charging over variable terrain or laying trenches on freshly cut corduroy. Not intended for the plus-sized park rider, we got boards for that too! This board is intended as a freeride workhorse.
  • Recommended Bindings: UNION Ultra FC, Ultra, Falcor or Atlas are the top choice to match with the Warpspeed. Check these bindings out to see which works best for YOU.
  • Recommended Boot Size: 10.5 and UP!